Thursday, May 28, 2009

Having a little fun.

This my friends is the Bamboo Fun Wacom Tablet. Just a little nurbs Exercise to get the portfolio looking a bit better.

Feel free to download the Model here : )

My character on Hold for a sec

Hey people. Sorry for my delay. I'm still finishing up my NURBs model. Trying to apply for a job and all that. I'm still deciding on a few things for my character Will have things up soon : )

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Character: The Cat Shepherd

Ok, so I chose to model the cat shepherd from the film Nocturna. He's a cool character with some interesting shapes, and I thought he'd be a good challenge since he could be quadrupedal or bipedal. Since I have yet to find my tablet pen I'll be doing this without image planes, but I have the movie and a few images for reference.
Here are some of the images I'll be using:

I look forward to seeing everyone's choices and progress :)

First Due Date Requirements

Hello peoples, all I need from you today would just be your character choice and your reference images. If you have anything extra feel free to post that. Happy modeling!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer Modeling Project

Hey guys…

Well it’s been two nice easy weeks off for me and I’m ready to do something. The cabin fever has settled in and I’m feeling too antsy to sit around with nothing to do all summer. So I believe these rules and time constrains are fair for the modeling process. Considering the conceptual stage is already completed for you it shouldn’t be too taxing to begin the modeling process. Again I would like to state that the model should be something from an already animated product such as a Disney feature film and something instantly recognizable. Try to stay away from characters that pose no challenge, or plane Jane or have been done a million times before. And be certain to pick something that you will enjoy modeling. The point of this is to challenge and give yourself something to shoot for. Make Mulan look exactly like Mulan if you can. Now if your goal is to make a character from scratch you may do so, but this would defeat the purpose of this challenge considering we’re shooting for a professional looking model. Right okay so here are the guidelines for this project!

Friday May 22nd, - Model choice must be submitted and cannot be changed by this point. The modeling process should begin at this point. At least your image planes should be set up and your project files, references. Use movie clips, your own doodles the more you can do the better.

June 5th – The model should be entirely roughed in at this point. The head should have the proper topology by this point as well as the entire body should have the proper proportions. The model should be looking like the character your modeling by this point. I would like those of you who are working on this project to submit and image of the product. Now if this were a project at school this point would be due the following week but I’m giving two for this step.
June 19th – The model should be nearing completion, meaning you should be thinking about your extras you could be adding to the model. This does not include, blend shapes, expressions nothing like that. We’re shooting for a basic model by this point in time. This is two weeks following the last deadline. I would like images posted of your current process. An example would be at this point, finger nails, hair styles, any type of extra’s should be considered at this point
June 26th – This is the 5 week marker of the modeling project and your model should be entirely completed by this point. The extra stuff is optional but by the end of June I would like to see finished models. UV mapping will begin at this point
July 3rd- UV maps will be due at this point; they shouldn’t be too complicated so I only will give you a week to do them. Use road kill or Headus if you wish. You should be considering your textures by this point.
July 17th – Textures should be done by this point, your model should be looking good and like the actual character that should be depicted. The Project is over and anything you do with it after this is entirely up to you! Remember this is for your portfolio and to beef up your skills and the deadlines are here to keep you moving not to intimidate or stress you out.

Project Length – Aprox 10 weeks.

Why such a large amount of time, well. This project is NOT meant to take up all of your time. I mean, you get one summer per year, enjoy it. Do this a little bit each night or dedicate your entire weekend to it. But I’m making the days to hand it in very simple. Meaning something will be basically due every Friday, or every other Friday. Experienced modelers can usually whip something up within a week. So 4 weeks should be plenty of time. And I know some of you like texturing more, but remember if you finish early don’t let me stop you, post away! This should be a fun and very rewarding project as well as educational. I’m sure this will benefit you in some way shape or form. Happy modeling!

Questions, Comments? Email Please!